9 Work English

English is the official or required language of many competitive work places today. Employees are expected to communicate fluently in English which means writing e-mails, taking and making phone calls, hosting meetings, presenting or selling ideas, conducting interviews etc. But first you have to get hired!

The goal of this course is to help students put together a portfolio for the future in order to get that dream job. Work place communication skills are practiced for various situations using the students own ideas and creativity (video, blogging, PowerPoint/Prezi, PhotoShop). We will also be visiting several actual work places which will be introduced to us in English.

Games and Study Materials

Evaluation (mandatory requirements)

  1. Field trips
  2. How to Get a Job video project (phone calls, interviews, what to wear, how to behave)
  3. Respect! (school rules sign)
  4. blog project (field trip reports + video + link list)
  5. PowerPoint presentation + pitch (in pairs)
  6. CV + application letter (portfolio)
  7. peer evaluation

ENA 9.0 Work and Study Schedule

Blog Theme: Get a job!

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