2 Been There, Done That

Each English group has its own blog and Work and Study Schedule. The blogs are all different depending on the input of the students. The blog theme is also discussed in the In Touch course book so the students will be able to use the same vocabulary and grammar. This time we get to travel all the way to England, the United States of America and Australia!

Study Material

Evaluation (mandatory requirements):

  1. vocabulary + plurals quiz on units 1-2
  2. travel blog entry (post + picture & caption + other media)
  3. commenting at least one blog entry by a fellow student
  4. oral presentation
  5. final exam on course vocabulary and grammar + listening comprehension + essay


  • singular and plural
  • articles
  • expressing possession
  • it/there
  • demonstrative pronouns
  • the passive voice


Blog Theme 1: A Travel Blog

  • Visited countries map or Google Maps
  • Pick any place (anywhere in the world or in Finland) that has made a lasting impression on you.
  • Describe it in detail (200 words or more):
    • descriptive adjectives
    • phrases like situated in, surrounded by, steeped in
    • senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch)
    • use there was/were when describing a place, it was when describing the weather
    • what did you notice about the people, for example
    • any strange incidents?
  • Provide a picture or pictures of the place that you have either taken yourself or have copyrights to. Make sure it is something you don’t mind publishing on the Internet, something appropriate and relevant. The picture should include a caption: who, what, where, when, by who…

Blog Theme 2: Finland

  • Think about what foreigners might find interesting or strange about Finland. Are there any stereotypes to break?

The official trailer for the documentary feature “Mad About English!” (2008).


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