1 Up Close and Personal

Each English group has its own blog and Work and Study Schedule. The group blogs are all different depending on the input of the students. The blog theme is also discussed in the In Touch course book so the students will be able to use the same vocabulary and grammar.

Useful links

Evaluation (mandatory requirements):

  1. class activity
  2. vocabulary quiz on units 1-2
  3. Irregular verbs quiz
  4. blog entry (page)
  5. commenting at least one blog entry by a fellow student (peer evaluation)
  6. final exam on course vocabulary and grammar + essay


  • interrogative sentences
  • tenses
    • present simple and present continuous
    • past simple and past continuous
    • present perfect simple and present perfect continuous
    • past perfect simple and past perfect continuous
    • future
  • conditional
  • word order
  • personal and reflexive pronouns



Blog Theme: What makes you tick?

  1. Hobbies make us who we are. Write a blog page telling the world about your hobby (or hobbies). What kind of a person are you and why is your hobby perfect for you? Would you recommend it and why? What are the perks? Is there a downside? Go crazy and get everyone excited about what you do. You can provide video, links or pictures in connection to your hobby.
  2. Comment a hobby by one of your fellow class mates. You can discuss whether you would like their hobby too, or why you could never, in your right mind, be interested in what they are interested. Why not? You can also give hints on how to improve the text grammatically. Remember to be constructive in your criticism!

Find out about what some British teachers are into. A video provided by the British Council.


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